Journal Articles by S. Horsinka

R. Meyer, J. Wagner, B. Farkas, S. Horsinka, P. Siegl, R. Buchty, and M. Berekovic
A Scriptable Standard-Compliant Reporting and Logging Framework for SystemC
ACM Trans. Embed. Comput. Syst., 16(1), 2016

Conference Papers

S. A. A. Shah, S. Horsinka, B. Farkas, R. Meyer, and M. Berekovic
Automatic Exploration of Hardware/Software Partitioning
Design and Verification Conference (DVCon) United States 2017, February 27 - March 2, 2017 , San Jose, CA USA, 2017
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P. Siegl, R. Buchty, B. Farkas, S. A. Horsinka, R. Meyer, J. Wagner, and M. Berekovic
The Past, Present and Future of the Open-Source Virtual Platform SoCRocket
Proceedings of the 2016 Workshop on Mixed Criticality Applications and Implementation Approaches, EMC^2@HiPEAC 2016, Prague, Czech Republic, January 20, 2016, 2016
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S. A. Horsinka, R. Meyer, J. Wagner, R. Buchty, and M. Berekovic
On RTL to TLM Abstraction to Benefit Simulation Performance and Modeling Productivity in NoC Design Exploration
NoCArc '14: Proceedings of the 2014 International Workshop on Network on Chip Architectures, ACM, 2014, ISBN 978-1-4503-3064-0