Journal Articles by J. Tao

J. Tao, M. Kunze, F. Nowak, R. Buchty, and W. Karl
Performance Advantage of Reconfigurable Cache Design on Multicore Processor Systems
International Journal of Parallel Programming, 36(3), 2008
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Conference Papers

J. Tao, A. Shahbahrami, B. Juurlink, R. Buchty, W. Karl, and S. Vassiliadis
Optimizing Cache Performance of the Discrete Wavelet Transform Using a Visualization Tool
Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM-07), 2007
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R. Buchty, J. Tao, and W. Karl
Automatic Data Locality Optimization through Self-Optimization
Self-Organising Systems: First International Workshop (IWSOS2006), LNCS4124 (ISBN 3-540-37658-5), Springer Verlag, Berlin--Heidelberg, 2006
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R. Buchty, G. Acher, J. Jeitner, W. Karl, J. Tao, and C. Trinitis
ASoCS: An Architecture Concept for Self-optimizing Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems
PARS Workshop Proceedings, GI/ITG, 2005
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